Patryk Laurent, Ph.D.



At DMGT, I work with data scientists and software engineers to help maximize value and adopt new technologies. I write code nearly every day, to evaluate technology, build prototypes, and contribute to products.
  • DMGT, plc (London, San Diego)
Prior to DMGT, I used machine learning to create novel systems and user interfaces for connected devices ("internet of things", IoT), to build "brains" for robots, to analyze health care data, and to generate financial forecasts based on sentiment data.
  • CliniComp, Intl. (San Diego)
  • LeEco (San Diego)
  • Brain Corporation (San Diego)
  • Inductive Logic, Inc. (Charlottesville, VA)
I also worked as a software developer at several companies, writing web-based, mobile, and server-side applications.
  • SUPERNatural Tools, Inc. (Roanoke, VA)
  • ScholarOne, Inc. (Charlottesville, VA)
In my academic work, I used neural network simulations to study the function of the brain, specifically of the hippocampus and the basal ganglia. I spent significant time researching the capture and control of visual attention by reward-associated items. I have published articles on reinforcement learning, neural networks, and human experimental research.
  • Laboratory of Systems Neurodynamics (UVA)
  • Learning Research and Development Center (Pitt)
  • Psychological and Brain Sciences (Hopkins)