Wii Strum for Mac OS X

Air guitar for Wii remote + Nunchuk

Video #1: Demonstration of earlier Linux version on Youtube
Video #2: A more recent demonstration

What is it? Wii Strum simulates 4 guitar strings in mid-air. I wrote this a while ago, originally using Linux, and wanted to improve it and make it easier to use. Moved to OS X when DarwiinRemote came out. Sure there are other "Wiitars" out there, but I like mine. =) It's easy to use, doesn't require selling your soul to Microsoft/Windows, and is self-contained in a single double-clickable icon.

  • Make sure bluetooth is enabled/on on your Mac,
  • double-click WiiStrum,
  • and sync your wiimote+nunchuk by pressing 1+2.
See the YouTube video for how to play. Basically, hold A and strum! The analog stick on the nunchuk controls the chord. C and Z buttons control minor and 7th. D-pad changes the instrument (MIDI).

Note: You must have Java installed.

Note: Sometimes DarwiinRemote crashes. Your Wiimote will appear to be connected but it isn't. Click WiiStrum's "force quit" button, and you may have to disconnect the Wii remote (e.g., by temporarily removing a battery.)

Download: WiiStrum1pre1.zip (July 20, 2010; based on release of Nov 27, 2007)


Source code available on request to patryk - at - pakl - dot - net